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Public Relations

Your trusted partner to manage your presence in the news and on social.

When it comes to public relations, the term media relates to different channels a brand might use to attract new customers.
Public Relations professionals are often thought to be those who get press coverage for a brand. But we are among those few who have been helping brands experience PR in a full-fledged way. We understand that the term media is just a plural form of medium and will cover every possible channel of communication including the press. Hence public relations at Broadnection isn’t just about press coverage but a continuous process of trying to explore every possible channel to ensure easy flow of message without any distortion during the communication process.

Brand Management

From brand analysis till brand positioning, we hold expertise in deploying best practices of brand management. We believe effective communication is the key to successful brand management. We ensure messages are created and delivered in a way that they align with the brand’s communication strategy.

Media Relations

As formal definition media relations is all about reaching out to target audience through press as a medium. We work on creating stories that get brands a great deal of attention from all relevant press.

Crisis Communications

Crisis communication isn’t about keeping up with communication at the time of crisis. Our communication strategy that constantly accentuates on keeping crisis communication framework set and updated with changing times makes crisis communication strategies instantly deployable.

PR Reporting

Create presentation-ready reports at the click of a button. Articulating the real value of earned media on your company's bottom line has never been this simple.
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