Digital Transformation

Accelerate your organization’s transformation journey

Accelerate a cohesive cloud strategy to transform your digital businesses. Define business cases, solution architecture, project planning, operations, and optimization.
Our teams help businesses forge ahead and champion your digital transformation by offering a range of advanced services. We offer flexible engagement models for the three phases of digital transformation:

Discovery and Design

We worked on many complex digital transformation initiatives and will bring best-of-breed designs for consideration. Our experts engage with you in a discovery mode to assist in your digital transformation strategy.

Migration and Modernization

Broadnection’s transformation-led cloud migration approach focuses primarily on rearchitecting and refactoring the apps/software that are fast-paced, evolving, and would benefit most from the cloud-native and cloud capabilities.

Prioritization and Planning

We can be an advisor in product rationalization and prioritization of the project backlog. These include rapid prototyping (spikes) to de-risk architecture and technologies, building storyboards and UX designs, implementing automated CI/CD pipelines, benchmarking performance, and other specialized activities.
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